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How to detect the stand or fall of switch, encoders?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Encoder with switch application is very broad, so, how can we detect the stand or fall of the encoder? For switch, encoders, except the encoder nominal resistance and contact conditions, should also test whether the switch is normal? 1. First rotary encoder shaft handle, flexible, check whether the switch is on and off if there is a clear 'click' sound. 2. The multimeter R× 1 Ω gear, two pens and respectively on the two external welding of encoder switch, rotary encoder shaft handle, make the switch, multimeter indicating resistance by infinity ( ∞ ) 0 Ω. 3. To turn off the switch, multimeter pointer from 0 Ω returns' & infin; 'place. Measurement should be repeated when switched on, disconnect the encoder switch, observe the switch to each reaction. If the switch in the 'open' the location of the resistance is not zero Ω, in the place of the 'closed' resistance to infinity, that the switch of the encoder is damaged. So easy to learn methods, I believe you have a look at will, hope - adjustable encoder manufacturer Shanghai electronic by the method described in this article can help you on the job, Shanghai electronic 25 years, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder type models complete, if necessary, can contact us.
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