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How to detect the encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is now more commonly used a kind of electronic components, the encoder quality judgment, we should first have a preliminary judgment. Encoder, the first thing to turn the handle, see if turning the handle rotation smooth, switch is flexible, switch on and off when the 'click' sound is ringing, and listen to the encoder internal resistance and friction contact point, such as a 'rustling sound, explain quality is bad. The following to say another way we check the encoder. 1, the encoder with switch on the switch, encoders, should according to the above method of detection precision adjustable encoder nominal resistance and contact, it should also be detected if the switch is normal. Rotating shaft precision adjustable encoder, first check whether the switch is flexible, connected and disconnected if there is a clear 'tickle, the multimeter R * 1 block, two pens and respectively in precision adjustable encoder switch, two external welding on the rotary encoder shaft handle, make the switch, multimeter on the resistance value should be changed from infinity to 0 ohm, in' closed 'for the position of the resistance is not infinite, explain precision adjustable encoder switch is damaged. 2, test nominal when measuring the resistance of the encoder, first choose properly calibrated multimeter electric block, two pens and respectively in the precision adjustable encoder between two fixed pin welding pieces, first measurement precision adjustable total resistance is the same as the nominal value of the encoder. If the measured resistance to infinity or a nominal value is large, then the precision adjustable encoder is open circuit or damage variable values. Second, and then two pens and elder sister precision adjustable encoder center respectively with two fixed ends in either one, slowly rotating handle, precision adjustable encoder to spin its position from one extreme to another extreme position. The normal precision adjustable encoder, whose hands indicating resistance from the nominal value (multimeter Or 0 o) Continuous variation to 0 ( Or nominal value) 。 Whose hands change the rotation process, should be smooth, and there should be no beat phenomenon. If in the process of adjusting the resistance value, whose hands have beat phenomenon, show that the encoder is poor contact failure. Carbon membrane encoder failure detection method is the same. 3, double coaxial encoder with proper range multimeter electric block, respectively on two groups of measuring double adjustable encoder encoder resistance ( The resistance value between A and C and the resistance value between the A1, C1) Are the same and consistent with nominal value. Reoccupy lead A, C1 respectively encoder and adjustable encoder A1 and C sub, and then use A multimeter measuring the resistance value between center head B, B1, ideally, no matter what precision adjustable encoder shaft to position, the electrical resistance between two points B, B1 are should be equal to A, C, A1 or C1 resistance between two points ( The multimeter pointer should always keep in A, C, or A1, C1 value on the scale of don't understand) 。 If the multimeter pointer deflection, bad is that the synchronicity of the encoder. Encoder quality determines the quality of a product the reason of choosing a supplier quality encoder is very important, the encoder is good or bad determines the product in the eyes of consumers, so the dear customers don't always take the price of looking at everything, quality is the survival of this. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of encoder 26 years, good quality, fast delivery, after all, looking for a coder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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