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How to detect double encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
How to judge the stand or fall of duplex coder? This needs us to test its performance, electronic today about the detailed explanation under the testing steps of double encoder. 1. With proper range of multimeter resistance, the measured resistance value of duplex encoder on two groups of encoder ( The resistance value between A and C and A resistance value between, C) Whether are the same and is consistent with nominal value. 2. With A wire respectively encoder, C 'A' and encoder, C sub, and then use A multimeter measuring center head B, B ', the resistance value between the ideally, no matter what position encoder shaft to, B, B 'resistance value shall be equal to between two points A and C or A', C 'resistance between two points, The multimeter pointer should always keep in A, C, or A ', C 'resistance on the scale of fixed) 。 If the multimeter pointer deflection, bad is that the synchronization performance of the encoder. The following circuit diagram of the graph is double coaxial encoder, as a reference for Shanghai electronic 25 years, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder product model is complete, through TS16949 ISO9001 ISO14001 quality certification, quality reliable, choose encoder electronics manufacturer chooses.
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