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How to detect adjustable encoder pin?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder has three or five pins, so how to determine and test encoder pin connection right? General adjustable encoder between pins move in two pieces, can according to the shape characteristics of adjustable encoder, you can easily find out. In order to further confirmed that the test is whether correct, adjustable encoder pin available multimeter to measure resistance of adjustable encoder. Specific steps: first, will first multimeter of red and black pens and connect in any two of adjustable encoder pin, adjustable encoder controller and manual adjustment, whether the observed value change. Second and then one of the pens and replace the pin, and then adjust controller, adjustable encoder to observe whether the resistance change at the same time. Measuring the resistance compared to two times, when a final time when measuring the resistance change is found, that the multimeter pin is red and black pens and receive fixed pin, another pin pin is moving. Some adjustable encoder in addition to a moving pin and two pills bring qing outside, there is a ground pin, the adjustable encoder pin attached directly to the metal case, generally can be distinguished from the adjustable encoder shell directly. If can't distinguish from the appearance, can use multimeter to detect various adjustable encoder pin and the metal shell, the resistance between the general detect pins for shell with zero resistance grounding pin. Shanghai electronics is a professional production of adjustable encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, take the motor encoder, the encoder is widely used in automotive electronics, home electronics, multimedia, mixer, interphone, electronic toys, household electrical, aerospace, military industry and other fields. Electronic staff with 27 years of effort, get the agreement of well-known brands at home and abroad, become the designated supplier! Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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