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How to clean the adjustable encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
When adverse adjustable encoder, we need to try to clean the adjustable encoder, then is how to clean the adjustable encoder? And look at the following instructions. 1, the adjustable encoder with screwdriver carefully pry sealing cover is fixed card, and then remove the protective cover; 2, to remove spare rotor shaft fixed clamp; 3, some adjustable cannot remove a shaft encoder, you can directly use cotton ball dipped in pure alcohol to wipe encoder in carbon film and the metal contact on the rotating shaft; 4, adjust the position and Angle of the metal contact, replace the position of contact with the carbon membrane and increase the pressure; 5, daub some on carbon film lubricant or special grease to delay service life; 6 and reinstall the metal cover and fixed. As above is clean and several common methods of adjustable encoder, in addition, we also need to pay attention to in the injection hole joints of adjustable encoder electronics cleaning fluid or high high grain alcohol ( Alcohol) Dry and rolled back, hair dryer, commissioning! Bad can repeat can! Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of adjustable encoder, the production of various kinds of adjustable rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, take the motor encoder, switch, encoders, encoder models complete, look for adjustable encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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