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How to choose the rotary encoder resolution?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
The choose and buy when the rotary encoder, we usually take into account the resolution of rotary encoder, for rotary encoder resolution how to choose is to make some friends have a headache problem, today, we summarize three kinds of method to calculate encoder resolution, the hope can help you. Rotary encoder resolution to choose three methods: 1, lap pulse number of choice for the required accuracy control as far as possible, so that we can reduce the scaling, measuring range, such as 12 m measurement shows only 1 m/step ( Low resolution) 12 PPR, can choose, if you need to show 0. 01 m/step ( High resolution) Should choose more than 1200 PPR or encoder. If you choose the 600 PPR encoder measurement shows zero. 01 m/step accuracy, it needs to be scale conversion, 0. 02 m/step conversion of 0. 01 m/step. 2, will be the choice of lap pulse number of PPR and motor drive maximum speed comprehensive consideration of incremental encoder, calculate the working frequency, ensure it will not cause under the maximum speed pulse output frequency than the encoder pulse output frequency and the input frequency of the controller. 3, attention may use controller with 2 or 4 times the frequency doubling function, according to the above examples, 0. 01 m/step measuring precision, choose 600 PPR and 2 times or 4 times 300 PPR frequency, can achieve the same effect. Rotary encoder has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, compact bodies, easy installation, simple maintenance, small drive moment, it has high precision, large measuring range, fast response and digital output characteristic, very suitable for measuring speed, measuring unlimited accumulation. But there's zero accumulated error, poor anti-interference, receiving equipment power outage to memory, boot should change or reference, these problems should choose type absolute encoder can solve. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, national standard-setting unit, specializing in the production of various kinds of incremental encoder and absolute encoder, direct manufacturers, quality goods safe, after-sale guaranteed! Electronic research and development of magnetoelectric encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and lower cost. Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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