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How to choose the encoder value size?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
When we design a product selection encoder must be good resistance of encoder, so we should how to calculate how much choose resistance of the encoder? Encoder resistance selection depends on the size of the encoder load size, general encoder value choose load < 5 times the left and right sides is most appropriate. Through resistance in 1 ~ 5 k encoder failure probability is small, the size of the resistance affects the load current of the power size, at the same time also affected the pressure of the switching power supply. If the resistance selected is too small, may be affected to the analog circuit of signal input pressure shunt is not enough, lead to linear adjustment is bad. According to ohm's law: the resistance R = U/I, so under the condition of known voltages and currents can measure encoder value range. Due to the analog circuit of current power loss caused by too much too much. Such as voltage in 10 v, current in 3 ma, you can measure encoder resistance is in 3. 3 ~ 10 k。 Looking for a coder manufacturer is looking for electronic products co. , LTD. , Shanghai, 26 years old encoder manufacturers, product quality is stable and reliable, models complete, the famous brand enterprises designated suppliers.
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