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How to choose the appropriate type adjustable encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
When we choose adjustable encoder model should consider what are the problems? The following aspects to consider clear before we choose adjustable encoder. Adjustable encoder of the voltage and current limits when applied to adjustable voltage at the ends of the encoder increases to a certain value, the phenomenon of breakdown occurs, so that the increase of resistance irreversible or open circuit, so you have to a certain limit of voltage applied. Resistor breakdown phenomenon generally occurs in between the two lead or between the spiral groove, lead wire between the breakdown voltage depends on the shape, distance between lead and environment of the size of the atmospheric pressure. So resistor groove between the breakdown voltage depends on the quality of groove, groove width and pressure performance of coated insulating material. Based on the nominal resistance and the rated power consumption to determine the current value is called the rated current. Can be seen from the above story, when the rated power is constant, the smaller the resistance, the greater the rated current, for low resistance resistor, it is a big proportion of contact resistance, when an electric current passes through the consumption of power here, from the contact part to observe at the same time, because of the current density is bound to cause local overheating, and cause early aging. Besides, if there is a high voltage in the circuit electrical impulses, should choose glass glaze film type encoder. Adjustable encoder type selected three principles: 1, optional choose has the function of quality advantage, function advantage, price advantage, efficiency advantage, service advantage encoder manufacturers. 2, the selection can satisfy the requirements of type directory encoder manufacturers, and direct order from the encoder. 3, selected by accredited certification bodies production line produce high level standard encoder. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , in 91 began producing adjustable encoder has 25 years history, adjustable encoder models complete, the huge cost, can save you the open mold factory strength, with advanced production and testing equipment, order carefree! Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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