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How to choose incremental encoder and absolute encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Magnetoelectric encoder is a new type of Angle or displacement measuring system, its principle is to use magnetic resistance or hall element to change to measure the Angle or displacement values of magnetic materials, magnetic materials Angle or displacement change will cause a certain resistance or the change of the voltage, the variation of amplification by amplifying circuit, by single-chip microcomputer or analog signal output pulse signal after processing, to achieve the purpose of measuring. The price is higher than the photoelectric encoder magnetoelectric encoder. Magnetoelectric encoder type is divided into incremental encoder and absolute encoder, the user will come when the choice, should choose what kind of? We analyze the today! Encoder used comparative analysis of the characteristics of the user must use the photoelectric encoder or magnetoelectric encoder to consider some of the most important properties of the encoder. In addition to the successful implementation of professional application, the user should also consider whether to choose incremental encoder or absolute encoder Even if using the same sensing mechanism, performance of the two encoder also have very big difference. In order to achieve successful application system, you need to know all the characteristics of the two encoders, and make the right choice. Need to use additional incremental encoder pulse count, the electronic equipment of pulse and data conversion data to achieve the speed or movement, absolute encoder can generate digital signal to the absolute position identification. To sum up, the simple application of incremental encoder is usually more suitable for low performance, and absolute encoder is the best choice for critical applications - These complex applications with higher speed and position control requirement. The output type depends on the specific application. When mobile incremental encoder, the encoder and the shaft speed ( Rotary encoder) Proportional or moving distance ( Linear encoder) Generate binary pulse flow. Placed in the LED light source and a specific style of light sensor or linear encoder between optical encoder with alternative conduction or block instead of analog signals generated by the light beam; The additional circuit ( Usually on-board ASIC) Analog signal is converted to a square wave. Magnetic encoder can be operated in a variety of mechanisms, but it will be a rotating magnetic field, lead to voltage pulse or resistance change, can be converted into pulse. Biggest drawback of incremental encoder is when (the system is powered off For example, a temporary power outage) , it won't be any incremental encoder output tracking changes. Therefore, in order to provide accurate position data, incremental encoder must return to the initial position when it is started. For conveyor shut down every night such as application, then restart every morning, the incremental encoder to return to the initial position will not affect the application. Application in automobile assembly manipulator, however, if the welding by power outages, incremental encoder to return to the initial position, this will seriously damage the product and the mechanical arm. Absolute encoder is the ideal choice for high reliability. And incremental encoder, absolute encoder can't output pulse, but output digital signals to indicate the position of the encoder, and the position of the encoder for static absolute coordinates of reference points. Therefore, when the power is cut off, absolute encoder can still maintain its absolute position record. After restart, the system can immediately restore movement, do not need to return to the initial position. As mentioned above, the absolute encoder is applied to the key security issues, return to the initial position of the encoder is not allowed, such as nc machine tools with high performance. In addition, the encoder or return to the initial position will greatly increase the ideal time or application costs, such as DNA sequencing based on the analysis of many days without electricity, the system requires reliable restart without hurting carefully cultivated samples or the result of the impact analysis. Magnetoelectric encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and lower cost. Customers are widely used in robot, automatic production lines, automatic assembly machine, elevator, textile machinery, sewing machinery, packaging and printing machinery, CNC machine tools, mapper and Angle measuring instrument, etc. This encoder is also can be in PLC application as the high speed signal input element, make PLC more quickly and accurately implement the closed-loop control. Find a magnetoelectric encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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