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How to change the adjustable encoder? Encoder using the operating methods

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder is a kind of adjustable electronic components, by an individual and a rotating or sliding system. On the resistance of the bare body, with one or two movable metal press contact, contact position to determine the resistance between both sides and contact resistance. When the resistance between two fixed contact, plus a voltage change by rotating or sliding system on contact resistance body position, turn the contact between the fixed contact and you can get a relationship with the moving contact position with a certain voltage. Encoder is basically a slide rheostat, there are several kinds of style, commonly used in speaker volume switch and laser power size adjustment. We use the adjustable encoder, sometimes need to replace the encoder, electronic detailing the specific steps for everybody here: ( 1) : remove the original adjustable encoder with screw whorls of dismantling the original encoder fixed screw, pay attention not to weld the original encoder on the pin, lead to lead on the encoder. ( 2) With the new adjustable encoder: the new encoder, and fixed. Welding on the original encoder pin with a lead, the corresponding pin wire welding in the new encoder, new, IH encoder controlled welding. And then use the same method will each lead good welding, welding between avoid lead fault location. For nonlinear encoder, two set of pins can't be wrong with each other, otherwise will affect the encoder in the circuit control effect. Encoder using symmetric power operation method of this circuit has the positive and negative, example: when the encoder center sliding contact C to encoder when A side OUT of voltage output for + 12 v, when the encoder center sliding contact C to encoder B OUT of voltage output for - end 12V。 Single power supply control voltage, output has 0 C ∞ The adjusting range of V. This is A kind of audio amplifier used for volume control connection when the encoder center sliding contact C to encoder when A volume is the largest, when the encoder center sliding contact C to B encoder when minimum volume, if C to B A poor contact occurs when the volume closed tightly. Shanghai electronic products for 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of adjustable encoder, the encoder model. Power factory, has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, can be customized according to customer's requirements encoder size, welcome friends to visit the factory guidance. Looking for adjustable encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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