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How to avoid the damage of rotary encoder encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Rotary encoder is a kind of precision electronic components, should avoid collision, in order to avoid damage to the rotary encoder, cause damage to not work properly. Due to the improper handling, mechanical rotary encoder encoder instability, wear and tear. Why rotary encoder encoder can damage? 1. Caused by the motor shaft by abnormal external force, the encoder encoder with the axial displacement, and by using the surface friction and wear and even broken; 2. Electrical installation or transport process, the fall, the reason such as the impact, the radial stress, lead to motor encoder makes rotary encoder and the lens surface contact wear and breakage. How to avoid the damage of rotary encoder encoder? 1. When installing the motor do not use too much force on the motor shaft. 2. Move or use the machine do not randomly throw, throw, avoid rotary encoder encoder with the axial displacement, cause the encoder and the lens surface friction and wear even crush the encoder. 3. Caused by a lack of mechanical load bearing installation, etc. , is equivalent to exert more than specified value of the axial load, resulting in abnormal bearing force, code stick, wear and fracture. Shanghai 27 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, electronic research and development production of magnetoelectric rotary encoder is customers are widely used in motor, so the new and old customers when use should pay attention to the above problems, so as not to damage the encoder caused economic losses. Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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