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How to adjust volume in rotary encoder in amplifiers sound?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder is now widely used in power amplifier stereo, and we had been through the adjustable resistance value to control the audio power amplifier volume, then the rotary encoder is how to realize the volume? Electronic everyone take a look at their smart design. As we all know, the encoder is not a coder, not through the adjustable resistance value to control the audio power amplifier volume. But now many high-end audio power amplifier and other equipment of rotary encoder has been adopted to realize the volume adjustment. The rotary encoder is how to realize the volume adjustment? Is very simple, actually is through the rotary encoder and single chip microcomputer ( MCU) Plan to achieve volume adjustment. When we clockwise, switch the output signal is A signal of A phase advance; If we counterclockwise, the signal is the output signal switch B B phase advance, we put the A/B side to MCU of two input ports, respectively, and A volume counter are installed in MCU; Software will be used to distinguish is clockwise or counterclockwise, then is to increase or decrease the volume of the counter value, finally took the count value to the corresponding electronic volume control chip can realize the volume ( Or other need to increment/decrement) Of control. Due to the life of the rotary encoder for hundreds of thousands of times, long service life than ordinary encoder is very much, also won't because of mechanical wear resistance value deviation, affect the normal output audio sound, regulating accuracy depends on the volume control with MCU chip control series, has nothing to do with the rotary encoder itself, it is also a common general encoder can't do it. Shanghai electronic 25 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, there are many models are available in tuned power amplifier stereo, ( Power amplifier audio encoder) We can according to your needs to choose and buy, multiple-choice, with complete product quality is reliable, encoder manufacturers, is looking for electronic.
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