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How the encoder selection?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder is widely used, a lot of machine can have the shadow of the rotary encoder. Because the main function of rotary encoder is provided at the time of operation for machine running all of the underlying code support, ensure cohesion between parts and components is more outstanding. So it is particularly important to choose appropriate rotary encoder type! So, rotary encoder selection should pay attention to what? 1. Select a suitable rotary encoder must consider the cost of a product allows the origin can reset when power on, control the speed, anti-interference and so on. 2. Rotary encoder selection, want to consider the choice of the accuracy of the resolution. At the request of the considered assembly machinery precision and machine costs on the basis of choosing the most suitable models, generally choose the resolution of the precision machinery comprehensive accuracy of 1/2 a 1/4. 3. Rotary encoder selection, want to consider space, want to consider the state of selected according to the installation space axis ( Hollow shaft, rod shaft type) 4. Selection of the rotary encoder, want to consider shaft load permitted. Take into account different installation method of coaxial load state, as well as the life of the mechanical and so on. 5. Rotary encoder selection, want to consider maximum allowable speed, when the choice according to the use of mechanical maximum speed selected. 6. Rotary encoder selection, want to consider the highest response frequency, according to the assembly plant when using the maximum speed of decision. Maximum response frequency = ( Speed / 6 o) X 7 resolution. Selection of the rotary encoder, want to consider protection structure. Environmental protection structure should be selected according to use dust, water, oil, etc. • Dust: IP50 & bull; Water, oil, IP52 ( f) lP64 ( f) ( Drip proof, oil proof) 8. Selection of the rotary encoder, want to consider the rotation of the shaft starting torque. Would like to see a clear driver torque? 9. Selection of the rotary encoder, want to consider the output circuit. Want to consider back end of the connection machine, signal frequency, transmission distance, noise environment, etc. Long distance transportation, want to choose the line driver. Electronic explained for everyone today to consider when choosing a rotary encoder model 9 factors, hope to be of service, Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Is a rotary encoder manufacturers, welcome customer consultation to understand all kinds of rotary encoder.
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