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How is rotary encoder direction to identify the circuit?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary encoder is widely used, but some friends don't know how rotary encoder direction to identify the circuit, electronic to discuss with you on this issue. Rotary encoder, the application of the circuit is mainly encoder pulse recognition using single chip microcomputer. Concrete is to see A, B phase difference, A leading B or lag, to determine the encoder is forward or reverse, which is referred to as A rotary encoder direction to identify the circuit applications. First of all, through the PLC is used to identify the direction of the counter. With high speed counter in PLC, can be set to a variety of patterns, including AB orthogonal pulse, can according to the number of counter is increased which reduce to determine the direction, some instruction of PLC has a judge speed, judgment and reversing directly! So we can just judge from the hardware. Only need to choose the model A, B phase orthogonal mode can! When the HC0 current value increase turns out to be 90 degrees, A former XiangChao B phase to determine the encoder is forward or reverse, and through the pulse number to determine how many circuits of the encoder. 25 years, Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of rotary encoder encoder models complete, the product passed TS16949 quality system ISO9001 ISO14001 certification, trustworthy, looking for a coder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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