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How do you determine the encoder zero signal?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Many friends care about how to determine the rotary encoder zero signal? Electronic today to tell everyone about 7 kinds of rotary encoder zero signal method, the hope can help you. As we know, the incremental value encoder generally each lap provides a z phase ( Zero) Each position signal, but the absolute value encoder only, also have a zero, so, how do you determine the encoder in use zero? Usually by the following seven ways: 1. Encoder shaft rotational change, encoder when installation, rotation axis corresponding to zero, the general incremental value and lap absolute value in this way, and the shaft sleeve type encoder is using this method. Faults, zero is not so good looking for, the accuracy is low. 2. Fairly with the above methods, simply encoder housing around the change, this is mainly for some compact installation of synchronous flange ( Have called servo flange) The shell used 3. Electricity mobile machinery installation on zero, electricity move the installation of mechanical zero corresponding to the corresponding encoder. ( Servo with u/v/w signal use this approach) 4. Offset calculation, mechanical and encoder is no need to change, according to the encoder readings and actual location deviation calculation, get the offset, encoder readings after subtracting the offset in the future. The reading of the encoder for 100, for example, and the actual position is 90, calculation in the actual location 0, encoder readings should be 10, and the '10' is offset, encoder read number, after deducting the offset is the location value. Repeated many times, the correct offset. For incremental value encoder, is to read the original mechanical zero to the first z point reading, as an offset. High precision encoders, or range larger absolute value encoder, more use of this method. 5. Intelligent external zero, some intelligent functions of encoder, can provide external setting function, such as through the encoder with buttons, or to go software setting function is zero. And we provide the latest intelligent absolute encoder, provides the setting external thread, the line from the power source encoder of power supply is short to touch, the encoder position is pre-determined preset position at this time, Presets can be zero, also can be other pre-arranged location) 。 6. To be sure, the absolute value encoder zero following is encoding the upper end of the cycle of both single ring absolute value, or circle of absolute value, if zero, the following ( Decline, mobile, inertia overshoot, etc. ) Data, it is possible to jump the biggest, for more than the absolute value of high circle, may overflow the original data set. In addition, the absolute value encoder and a direction of rotation problem, after zero, if the wrong direction, from zero to maximum, and then from large to small. Some imported encoder though with external zero function, but 7 suggest or do not use this function. Described above is the best method of setting the intelligent encoder, preset a non-zero ( In left, overshoot of allowance) Direction of rotation and preset + offset calculation method. Another method is' in ', offset is the mid-range, after setting line and power supply are touched, the encoder output is neutral position, such a trip is + / - Half full, within the scope of this trip, regardless of the direction of rotation, to ensure that pass through zero at the not jump, it is our absolute value encoder ssi output this method, it has been proved that the two methods, better than some imported brand s method, brings convenience to customers, so, not too superstitious imported, functions and services, we have can do better than imported. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD is a professional production of rotary encoder manufacturers, since 1991 for 25 years experience in research and development manufacturing rotary encoder, encoder industry took the lead through TS16949 ISO9001 ISO14001 quality certification, the old factory, experienced, quality reliable, rotary encoder is supplier quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to factory to visit!
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