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Hollow encoder used in smart home what is the distinguishing feature of the internal structure of it?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Hollow encoder is a kind of the hollow in the middle of the rotary encoder, the hollow space can cope with many functional requirements, can be attached press the switch mechanism, and highly intelligent household, automotive electronics, power amplifier stereo equipment. So, hollow what are part of an encoder? Mainly has the following five parts. 1) hollow shaft encoder: high temperature resistant plastic material, excellent injection and abrasion resistance, can effectively guarantee the encoder stability in the using process. (2) hollow encoder brush: wear metal stamping materials, key part function output, high elasticity, high wear resistance, low contact resistance performance for the product output to provide effective guarantee. (3) hollow encoder stent: using powerful antirust function of tinplate, use environment provide strong guarantee for our products. (4) hollow encoder shrapnel: also adopt stainless steel material, high elasticity, high fatigue resistance for the service life of the product and the regulation of rotating handle has played a decisive role. (5) hollow encoder ontology: one of the most core part, package process adopts the high temperature resistant plastic glue, thermal deformation temperature as high as 280 ℃, suitable for all kinds of welding, can effectively guarantee the product installation in the process of the performance of the protection products. Hollow type encoder using range: smart home, intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances, multimedia speakers, amplifiers, car navigation, instruments and meters. Main functions: hollow type encoder adjust volume, adjust temperature, feature selection, etc.
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