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Has the advantages of hollow encoder, you know?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
The rotary encoder - has a special structure of the encoder Hollow encoder, it is hollow, so that the customers have other requirements, a big hollow space can give customers add various additional switch in the middle or functionality, is very good, a lot of clients for the use of the function keys, that can rotate, can press. Has the advantages of hollow encoder, you know? A coded trunnion sizes, hollow out adapted to the motor shaft, and can be flexibly adjust position by spring leaf; Second, hollow encoder is a very flexible encoder, his characteristic is compact, convenient adjustment, to adapt to a variety of applications; Three way of clamping, hollow encoder and spring leaf structure makes it can adjust the position and very convenient to absorb vibration and impact load. Shanghai electronic products research and development, production of hollow encoder model is complete, you can choose according to the size of the actual demand zhongkongbianmaqi hollow encoder / 118 - 1. Customer HTML these hollow encoder used in car audio, car air conditioning, car navigation, and other household electrical appliances, related electronic equipment, mainly rise to adjust the volume, adjust temperature, FM, function switch, etc. Looking for hollow find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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