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HA90 series stainless steel overloading type double the output of the encoder work environment and the analysis of characteristic parameters

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Pure pu new push HA90 series stainless steel overloading type double steel output encoder, port machinery, lifting machinery and other heavy industries preferred double incremental models: HA90 I1024 / FB - 1000 e I1024/1000 e FB double independent signal output, respectively into the inverter and PLC control of motor speed, positioning, synchronization, multiple control * is suitable for the harsh working environment protection, strong and durable. * durable stainless steel casing, 5 mm thickness of the shell. * shaft bearing structure more, take more impact vibration. * waterproof shaft seal, a machine without screw pressure seal shell, high waterproof, dustproof protection grade. * industrial grade design, electromagnetic compatibility EMC is better than that of the secondary. * type high temperature ( Crystal cooling) Can be customized. 30 VDC or 5 VDC consumption current: 40 ma ~ 150 ma according to the output signal of various sizes: double increment signal output points and distinguishing rate: up to 4096 lines, incremental type for 1000, 1024, 2048, line measurement laps: the absolute value of up to 4096 times more, the incremental value of unlimited repeat precision: repetitive plus or minus 2 - ( The actual accuracy and installation accuracy, shaft concentricity) Working temperature: - 25 ~ 70 ℃ storage temperature: - 40 ~ 80 ℃ protection grade: shell IP65 IP67 axis vibration impact: 10 g, 10 ~ 2000 hz; 100 g, 6 ms allows speed: 2400 RPM connecting cable, shielded cable 1 m x 2, radial side out
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