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Germany KEB Inverter :(F4 ) encoder only

Germany KEB Inverter :(F4 ) encoder only


Germany KEB Inverter :(F4 ) encoder only



we know what is the circuit signal and output phase with correct power supply voltage for the encoder you are going to use,

what you need to provide is the installtion dimension.


Thus we can choose a right encoder for you at once.

In order to get more details, pls call us or send email to us soon.


Tel: 86-18930077369


A series of high-speed optical incremental rotary solid shaft or hollow shaft encoders designed for working in hard environments, such as woodworking, stone-cutting, sawing, metalworking, textiles, packaging, plastics processing, automation and assembly systems, laser/flame/water-jet cutting, electronic chip/board production etc.

Incremental rotary encoder or absolute rotary encoder?

Positioning requires a precise position values to monitor or control motion correctly. In some applications position sensing is done using rotary encoders, also called shaft encoders or simply hollow shaft encoders. These sensors transform a mechanical angular position of a shaft or axle into an electronic signal that can be processed by a control system.


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