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【 Figure 】 What is the incremental encoder output signal?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Incremental encoder is a kind of can convert rotary motion to the output signal of the sensor, combined with the mechanical transmission components such as gear and rack, measuring wheel or spindle, incremental encoder can also measure the linear motion. The position of the shaft encoder can be incremental changes into a continuous pulse signal is output. Incremental encoder on the principle of optical signal transformation 'of metal plastic or glass linear partial code encoder with rotating take hand installation, by detecting leds emit far infrared light to realize the position detection. Encoder scribed line on the number of determines the resolution, the light obscured by the sensor on the circuit board receives and through the signal processing circuit, the resulting square wave signal as the output of the encoder signal. Incremental encoder output signal of shaft encoder to provide two way with 90 degree phase difference of the square wave signal, and can also provide reference signal N ( Zero signal) 。 In order to improve the quality of signal transmission, some specific output circuit ( RS422 and push-pull output) Can generate reverse signals ( A,B,N ) For example: RI30, RI36 RI58, RI58 - H, RI76 - TD,RI58- D。 The phase difference between the A and B signals are referred to as the measuring distance. The resolution of the dual channel encoder signal can be twice the frequency through the follow-up circuit or four times the frequency. Through this party to 2500 line signal can be increased to 5000 lines or 1000 lines.
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