Encoder sliding noise cause of rotational noise standards and encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is a kind of common electronic components, the encoder sliding noise standards you clear? What are the causes of encoder rotation noise? With doubt and everyone together to learn about the encoder sliding noise. Encoder sliding noise is to choose one of the main parameters of the encoder, for a greater influence on the electronic device, it will sometimes make electronic devices work properly, such as radio, TV, etc. What is the encoder sliding noise? Sliding noise is a peculiar noise encoder. When change the electrical resistance, resistance due to the encoder misallocation, the rotation system mismatch and the causes of encoder, such as contact resistance, can make the moving contact on the surface resistance body moves, except there are useful signal output end, accompanied by his ups and downs with the signal noise. Sliding noise: refers to the encoder under the effect of applied voltage, the dynamic contact resistance in electrical noise produced when the sliding. The size of the noise and the rotation speed, the contact point between resistance and contact resistance, the number of the moving contact resistance, the resistivity of uneven changes and the size of the additional voltage and so on. Noise usually expressed in the voltage or resistance than & le; The causes of 47 video encoder rotation noise? The resistivity, the resistance of each part and the cross section is not entirely uniform, when the encoder shaft rotation, and with the voltage at both ends, no rules of change in their reaction to the output voltage of ups and downs, namely the noise; Second, the brush and the resistor body contact surface micro uneven, makes the effective contact area contact area less than 0. 01%, when the encoder shaft rotation, and a current flows through the brush, the random change of contact resistance is also causes the output voltage of the ups and downs, which produces noise. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, the company produced all encoders have the strict quality standards, in 2016, our quality goal is: 1. Parts manufacturing batch qualified rate & ge; 99. 3%; 2. Auto product final inspection failure rate & le; 65 ppm; 3. The car product final inspection failure rate & le; 200 ppm; 4. Automotive products customers return defective rate & le; 9 ppm; 5. The automobile products customers return defective rate & le; 270 ppm; 6. Average customer satisfaction & ge; 93 points. Looking for good quality for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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