Encoder linearity about encoder quality stand or fall?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Linear encoder is the theoretical output function features in a straight line ( The output ratio and stroke than proportional relationship) The encoder. The encoder linearity defined? What kind of linear encoder are there? Take a look at the electronic summarized below for everyone: encoder linearity is the definition of linear encoder when theory function ( The ideal output curve) As a straight line when the conformity degree, it is a specific form of conformity degree, the general mathematical expression for; E0、E1 = mf ( ) A + b + k, E0 - type - The output voltage; E1 - - The input voltage, the m - - Slope; b - - Zero slope intercept point on the trip, ) - - Stroke; k - - What kind of linear linearity encoder are there? Regulated linearity can be divided into four ways: 1) Absolute linearity 2) The independent linearity 3) Zero-base linearity 4) The linearity them differ in that the output curve evaluation is different. You must pay attention to the absolute linearity is the actual output curve for a fully qualified benchmark linear minimum permissible error, it is expressed as percentage of voltage outside aggregation, and theory of delay electric measurement. In the actual output requirements given a refers to the point on the curve. Benchmark linear output ratio represents the ideal theory, it is made up of two points to be fully qualified, if no other rules, the two are, 1) Zero trip points, ) W = 0, output ratio is zero; 2) Total theory of stroke ( ) w=( ) T, the output ratio is 1. In order to conform to the requirements of the specification by evaluation of the encoder must be in actual output curve defined in absolute linearity, lower limit range. That is to say, the actual output curve and the vertical distance between theoretical benchmark curve ( The voltage ratio) Should keep in + - Within the envelope of k. Typical values for plus the total voltage absolute linearity of 0. 2% - 1. 0%. Absolute linearity control the linearity of most parameters, thus the encoder output characteristic of the most accurate definition, this is the main advantage of the absolute linearity. However these parameter values must be used to control the process of, make absolute linearity the four kinds of the highest price in linearity. Above all; Key parameters of the encoder is actually 'absolute linearity, of course, you have to purchase the encoder must first know its linearity, the degree of linear encoder can direct feedback the quality high and low, so as not to be deceived. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of encoder for 26 years, there are various linear encoder for the designer to choose, the encoder model types and more completely, quality by customers and the industry consensus, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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