Encoder industry trend in the future

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Encoder and now is widely used in China, such as machine tools, servo motors, textile machinery, etc. With industrial control need to be added, the application of the encoder is also increasingly significant and prominent, machine tools, elevators, form a complete set of servo motor encoder is used three mountain. Present situation and the pattern of China encoder: encoder in China market, European and American brands of high-end market, more than 30% of market share, product price positioning for the high-end, in heavy industry and has the advantages of wind power and other new energy category; Japan and South Korea brand occupies the mid-market, also accounted for more than a third of the market share, product price positioning in the end, in the elevator, machine tools, career such as servo motors are used more widely. Encoder Chinese companies involved in the mid-range market competition, product prices low, sales of the market to account for nearly half made only 25% of the mainland market to sell. Of all the rotary encoder manufacturers, the market higher percentage of Heidenhain company, Tamagawa, Nemicon, Yuheng, Baumer, Rep, PF, Danaher, Koyo, Omron, etc. In the top three companies market proportion accounted for nearly 50% of the total amount of the market, market concentration is higher, the company to use the higher industry concentration, lower industry competition. Main manufacturers achievement rises also has a significant distance, the biggest increase was 60%, the smallest increase amplitude is lower than 10%. With heat to the elevator industry stocks move encoder market increase, on the domestic market at present, 70% of the price is relatively stable and the economy of incremental encoder, mainly used in industries such as packaging, textile, elevator, only need measurement speed and for sure azimuth measurement equipment is not high. The elevator, the encoder is used to control the speed and direction, mainly installed on the traction machine in addition, the elevator door machine and shaft measurement is also using encoder. As China's real estate over the years high speed to carry out, this also drove the strong demand of elevators, arrived in the growth rate of around 20% a year, it also makes encoder usher in the spring, expand 2011 elevator market planning of professional use the encoder to 2. 300 million yuan, rose 21. 1%. 2011 national elevator production around 450000, during which ladder exceeds 400000, are installed with different number of encoder. In addition, the protection of the 2 million units in the elevator maintenance of coder using the stock market, the elevator profession use the encoder scheme after machine category. Break the constraints of medical equipment, miniature encoder followed medical new skills has increased, household medical equipment are in need of increase also was born in the intense competition, such as dialysis equipment, portable insulin pump, insulin inhaler and diabetes to handle system. These self-help medical equipment also promotes equipment manufacturers to launch innovative goods. Thus, the micro encoder ( Electronic hand wheel) Becomes the portable medical equipment manufacturers to break the existing precision, power consumption, scale and useful addition to the capital constraints. These enhanced motion control response equipment can surpass induction skills such as existing encoder skills, results in lower capital and less power consumption. Encoder to intelligent encoder is a yuan of machinery equipment, follow the progress of the degree of automation, complete signal transformation is now no longer is only the needs of the user, a higher level of integration, and increasingly by the use of commodity, more lucrative interface method and so on, all of these will be the encoder to the intelligent process. On the domestic market, mid-range goods will be gradually marginalized, the market need to change, more high-end encoder will come out, are the masses take and use. Market pattern in the future? Let's stay dry eye!
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