Encoder housing in the encoder function

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Encoder housing role we commonly used encoder, its shell is actually a shell of main components of packaging and protection of encoder. The encoder shell protects the internal components and dust-proof, moisture-proof function. Encoder housing characteristics of metal shell is commonly used to ground, and shielding effect, restrain the interference of external electric field. Shell should have high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and moisture, etc. For earth shield shell and application solderability good metal material or ammonium layer. Encoder shell commonly used materials: the commonly used shell material such as brass, steel, aluminium alloy and plastic. Encoder placed a porch should be full of the whole machine structure installation and the requirement of the panel layout, so should as far as possible put a porch at the edge of the plate, rotate handle outwards. In the voltage regulator is used to adjust the output voltage, the encoder design should be full clockwise adjust the output voltage increases, counterclockwise when the output voltage regulator section; In the adjustable constant current charger encoder is used to adjust the charging current size, design encoder clockwise adjustment should be full, the current increase. Printing plate IC, design diagram, in use of the IC situation, be sure to pay special attention to the IC on the orientation of the locating slot placed correctly, and pay attention to the various IC feet a correct the price of the encoder between each manufacturer offer sometimes nearly half of the difference, appearance look the same, small also seems to be no difference; But the encoder manufacturers with raw material and manufacturing process will there is a difference, so the purchasing encoder can't evaluate money is everything, if use inferior encoder, caused bad, often lose more weight, cost-effective is king! Encoder, looking for a cost-effective, ask for 26 years old - encoder manufacturer Electronic!
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