Electronic encoder is for you to answer what

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
The encoder ( English: Potentiometer) Is a variable resistor. Usually consists of resistance and rotating or sliding system, namely the resistance by a moving contact on mobile, part of the output voltage. The role of the encoder adjusting voltage ( Including dc voltage and signal voltage) And the size of the current. Encoder in resistance of the structure characteristics of encoder, there are two fixed end, through the manual adjustment rotating shaft or sliding handle, change the position of the moving contact on the resistor body, has changed the moving contact between as a fixed end resistance, so as to change the size of the voltage and current. The encoder is a kind of adjustable electronic components. It is formed by a resistor and a rotating or sliding system. When the resistance between two fixed contact, plus a voltage by rotating or sliding system change the location of the contact on the resistor body, between the fixed contact and moving contact can be a relationship with the moving contact position with a certain voltage. It is mostly used as a divider, the encoder is a four-terminal element. Encoder is basically a slide rheostat, there are several kinds of style, commonly used in speaker volume switch and laser power adjustment, the encoder is a kind of adjustable electronic components. Variable resistor for partial pressure. On the resistance of the bare body, tightly holding up one or two movable metal contact. Contact position to determine the resistance between both sides and contact resistance. According to the material point line around, carbon film, solid core type encoder; According to the output to the input voltage ratio and rotation Angle of the relationship between linear encoder ( A linear relationship) Encoder, function ( A curve relationship) 。 Main parameters of resistance, tolerance, and rated power. Widely used in electronic devices, in sound and receiver for volume control.
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