Common hollow encoder fault response

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Hollow encoder for its large hollow space can cope with more functional requirements are widely used in electric rice cooker, DVD player, car navigator, LCD monitors, car AV audio, mini combinations, telephone, fax, electronic toys, etc. ; Air conditioners, microwave ovens, remote control and other electronic machines, video audio equipment and various kinds of communication equipment, mainly rise to adjust the volume, adjust temperature, FM, function switch, etc. Today, the common faults of hollow encoder and electronic to tell you about a solution. A loose, installation: hollow encoder failure at this time will affect the position control accuracy, stop and moving position deviation value super bad, or even just a boot servo system overload alarm occurs, the pay special attention to. Hollow encoder failure 2, + 5 v power down: refers to the + 5 v power supply is too low, usually cannot be less than 4. 75 v, is the cause of low power supply failure or power transmission cable resistance caused by the big loss, then need to repair the power supply or replace the cable. Hollow encoder failure three, connecting cable failure: the highest probability, the problem often encountered when maintenance, the failure is to check the priority consideration. General phenomenon is short circuit or poor contact, hollow encoder cable circuit, then should replace the connector or cable. Hollow encoder failure four, itself failure: refers to the hollow encoder itself components failure, hollow encoder lead to right itself does not produce and output waveform. At this time the need to change or hollow encoder internal device maintenance hollow encoder. Hollow five, grating encoder failure pollution: it makes the amplitude of signal output, must use absorbent cotton to gently wipe grease anhydrous alcohol. Six, absolute encoder hollow hollow encoder failure battery voltage drop: this kind of failure usually have clear alarm, and now need to replace the battery, if the reference point position memory loss, still must perform to return to the reference point operations. Seven, hollow hollow encoder failure encoder cable shielding wire did not pick up or fall off, this kind of circumstance can introduce interference signal, the waveform is not stable, affect the accuracy of the communication, must ensure that the shielding wire reliable welding and grounded. Shanghai electronics has 18 mm 21 mm to 25 mm 28 mm 33 mm to 35 mm 40 mm 43 mm to 56 mm 60 mm diameter and so on the many kinds of specifications of hollow encoder, electronic 25 years, specializing in the production of encoder through TS16949 ISO9001 ISO14001 quality certification, product research and development manufacturing experience for many years, advanced production and testing equipment, is the choose of encoder manufacturers high quality!
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