Choose encoder matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
You when choosing an encoder are available from the following four points to consider: choose encoder considerations a, pay attention to when choosing the encoder to the requirement of structure, pay attention to the encoder size, the length of the shaft and the shaft end style, as well as the shaft position whether to lock switch, single union coupling, single or more times or more, the specific requirements of structure. Often adjust the encoder to need, should choose the shaft end milling into planar encoder, in order to install a knob. Can choose to don't need constant adjustment encoder, slotted encoder shaft end, so that no longer after using a screwdriver to adjust rotation, to maintain relative stability of the working state. For accurate and no more changes after once adjusted the encoder, should choose encoder with locking device. Choose encoder note 2, according to the resistance changes of resistance change characteristics of encoder, versatile features, should be selected according to the purpose. Volume control encoder should be preferred, for example, exponential encoder, in the case of no exponential encoder can be substituted for linear encoder, but can't choose logarithmic type encoder, otherwise will make the volume word section smaller: should be chosen for the partial pressure of encoder linear encoder; A tone control encoder should choose logarithmic type encoder. Note 3, according to the requirement of selection encoder choose the type of the encoder in the circuit of general requirement is not high, or the use of the environment a better situation, should first choose synthetic carbon film encoder. Synthetic carbon film encoder with high resolution, wide range of resistance, with complete varieties, the characteristics of cheap, but some disadvantages and stability during a bad, can be widely used in indoor work of household electrical appliances. Such as semiconductor, the volume of the radio switch with the belt encoder can choose synthetic carbon film encoder; The TV the power regulating circuit can choose straight slide type carbon film encoder; Other home appliances in the high load and fine-tuning the encoder also can choose synthetic carbon film encoder. Other synthetic carbon film encoder mechanical life is long, you can use to wear long life circuits. If need to adjust the precision circuit, and the consumption of power is larger. Choose the thread around the encoder. Due to large distribution parameters, wire-wound encoder is only applicable to low frequency circuits, so unfavorable choose line around the encoder in the high frequency circuit. In addition, the noise of wire-wound encoder, the requirements of low noise circuit can choose this type of encoder. Choose encoder considerations of four, according to the requirement of the circuit selection encoder parameters of encoder are nominal resistance, power rating, the highest working voltage, the precision of the linear and mechanical life, they are to choose the basis of the encoder. When choose according to the requirement of the encoder type will be according to the requirement of the circuit selection technology and the performance parameters of the encoder. Mechanical life of different encoder is not the same, the general synthesis of carbon film encoder, the longest can be as high as 200000 weeks, and mechanical life test of glass glaze encoder is only 100 - 200 weeks. When choosing the encoder, should according to the different requirements of circuit for abrasion resistance, choose different life of mechanical parameters of the encoder.
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