Carbon film encoder you want to understand these common sense

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Carbon film the role of the encoder and the advantages of carbon film encoder, as a kind of carbon film encoder or variable resistor voltage divider, application is very extensive, fine-tuning offset and gain, set up the LCD contrast, adjust the power supply voltage and so on. The advantages of electronic carbon film encoder is very outstanding. First in terms of use and carbon film encoder need tools to adjust, very inconvenient, and basic knowledge of electronic carbon film encoder is digital, basic knowledge of signal control are available, and then the programming implementation. In addition, the electronic carbon film encoder easy to mass production, low cost, reliable and durable. Of course, in the concrete use, we have to two kinds of devices for further comparative analysis. Carbon film encoder resolution: in theory, have unlimited high carbon film encoder resolution, basic knowledge about the actual resolution depends on the device structure and the user's skill, skill involved varies from person to person, change over time, high precision circle with more carbon film encoder. Cannot provide unlimited electronic carbon film encoder resolution, but for a specific application can choose the appropriate resolution, and recognizing the normalization, repeatable, guaranteed. Carbon film the reliability of the encoder: carbon film encoder has contact, contact is resistive, numerical uncertainty; In addition, the basic knowledge of carbon film encoder, though a good sealing, but influenced by the environment or larger, the influence of vibration and shock. The reliability of the electronic carbon film encoder and integrated circuit is without a doubt, but also want to recognize when using, it is volatile and non-volatile. Volatile components once lost power supply, internal check Settings information ceases to exist, so the external block should be EEPROM, flash, or other nonvolatile memory. Power supply voltage of carbon film encoder: carbon film encoder needs a supply voltage to work, the basic knowledge of its working voltage value is no more than the device of rail to rail. In general, usually in digital circuit design 2. 7 v to 5 v range, analog circuits have & plusmn; 5 v, ± 12 v, ± 15 v several specifications, so want to consider the power matching problem. Cost of carbon film encoder: when considering the cost, to calculate all the actual costs involved, including the assembly cost, labor cost, potential testing, certification, etc. Shanghai electronic professional born 25 years, carbon film encoder encoder model is complete, stable quality, trustworthy, looking for carbon film for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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