Carbon film encoder large noise?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Want to solve the problem of large carbon film encoder noise, we must first understand carbon film of the noise reasons of encoder: carbon diaphragm encoder noise problem is inevitable, the principal causes of this problem is: carbon diaphragm encoder noise is mainly produced during the carbon brush contact point contact with encoder of diaphragm. There are two main aspects of the noise, the first is the process problems, the encoder production environment for clean room, encoder carbon membrane with brush contact point is in a sealed space. Fixed number of year of the service life of another is inevitable problems, use time is too long can lead to the wear of carbon membrane can also lead to the increase of noise, if the use of unqualified low-quality carbon diaphragm will cause the noise of the products more, use will shorten the time. Causes of the noise of carbon membrane were found out, so how to minimize noise? First, the workshop production process in the production of encoder is to achieve standard dust-free workshop, so try to choose large manufacturers when choosing encoder, would be more perfect in the hardware facilities dust-free workshop. Second, the structure of the encoder design, try to choose the third seal structure of the encoder, encoder carbon membrane material, qualified quality carbon diaphragm on the price is relatively higher, when trying to choose on price can see manufacturer quality grade of the carbon membrane used, can avoid encoder noise to the greatest extent. Actually, the problem of noise exist, can undertake deduction method to eliminate and solution. First of all, through the observation to see if there are any more damage to the encoder, if the surface has damage over time can lead to some parts will produce the problem such as oxidation corrosion is also can produce noise, and check the terminal solder joints for oxidation. If buy the encoder structure of the seal structure of the encoder, we can determine when use when the noise is too large for the carbon membrane become dirty, as a result, can be pure alcohol drops into the inside of the encoder on the diaphragm, carbon continuous rotary encoder handle makes the brush contact in carbon slides on the diaphragm, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning of carbon membrane, makes noise elimination. Shanghai electronic 25 years old encoder manufacturers, advanced production and testing equipment, strict quality control, product won praise of customers and the industry for many years, looking for a coder manufacturer, is looking for electronic.
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