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Beginners must see encoder selection ten elements

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Novices will see: selection of the encoder ten elements! Keyword tags: update time: 2012 - 11 - 13 16:01:38 release: Shanghai at reading number: 3392 along with the modern industrial automation product carry out various sprang up in the market; Such as: use a wide range of industrial control products in the steel industry times - — Encoder, in the field of modern industrial encoder is more widely used in various industries, like speed and position control system, in the iron and steel industry in the printing industry to control the position of the cutting paper, measuring the size of the wrapping paper in the packaging industry and so on. No matter from the technique function or capital is put into use case of its kind on the replacement product of the quasi high cost performance. Based on the broad old and new customers for the use of the encoder is not hate, for normal use encoder non-expert users are often a headache when it comes to product selection. In line with help advance automation industry character; Shanghai at lesson as possess many years professional engaged in automation industry, here wishing each one briefly share. Begin to let's know the basic obligation sense encoder; In the field of automation, the encoder is used to detect Angle, position, speed and reducing speed, sensor, relying on the shaft rod, gear, the control of measuring wheel or cable, the mobile detection. Encoder will also be the reality of mechanical parameter value is converted into electrical standard lights, these lights can be counter with flags, tachometer, PLC and industrial PC treatment. Encoder important influence in the iron and steel industry is to control the speed and positioning system. Through the above process encoder obligation sense brief description, we can conclude selection coherent elements comprehensively summed up the encoder. Must be incremental or absolute value. The encoder surface size. Pepperl + fuchs encoder state obligation of trunnion axis resolution output phase voltage output situation care of highest frequency output code above is part of the selection of the encoder coherent elements, general situation of consult Shanghai at customer service special line or more at Shanghai's official website as soon as possible. Relevant tags:
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