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B10k encoder mean?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Often heard someone speaking to B10K B50K B100K encoder, these Numbers are what meaning? Electronic with everybody to study. First letter B actually represent the curve of the encoder, also called linear encoder and points in the curve are very many, the above chart are electronic share out, everybody in choosing a coder is very comfortable! 10 k encoder is what mean? 10 k is the biggest adjustment value refers to the encoder 10000 ohms, the unit of resistance is the ohm, 1 k = 1000 euro, 1 m o = 1 million ohms. Thus we can know, B10k adjustable encoder is refers to: adjustable maximum resistance of 10 k, value can be adjusted according to some variation of resistance element encoder is a three terminal resistance, according to some kind of change law regulating resistance element. The encoder usually consists of resistance and removable brush. As it moves, a brush along the resistance on the output side won the relations with the displacement with a certain resistance or voltage. Some people call the adjustable encoder, encoder, is in fact the only encoder can adjust the performance of the resistance value, some people would call. Shanghai electronic 26 years r&d and production focus encoder, curve, resistance to define according to customer demand, the encoder model complete, find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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