Avoid car audio encoder failure methods

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
In dry winter weather cold climate car audio will appear the phenomenon of damage, what reason be cause? We know that the encoder will use volume in the automobile products to adjust to the size of the car stereo. And in the winter, the weather cold, dry climate, the human body is easy to generate static electricity. If the encoder not to install the good speakers. This case is easy to appear the power device, such as volume, power amplifier was hit by a static voltage failure. Commonly used on car audio encoder with the metal shaft, if the volume encoder using metal knob or charged coating the axis of rotation, rotation encoder come into direct contact with electrostatic hand shank, electrostatic easily by rotating the handle with encoder pin only for 2 ~ 3 mm distance, lead to pin discharge. So as long as there is electrostatic discharge phenomenon is likely to have a breakdown of the power is failure. So, how to avoid car audio encoder failure? Solution is to welding on the encoder housing a wire connected to the power supply always take place, avoid electrostatic lead to active speaker is damaged. Electrostatic addition to the power supply will lead to the breakdown, the car stereo laser also exists certain damage factors. So at the time of the CD to should take put down gently, to avoid frequent replacement discs, not to touch the disc surface, when you pick up the disc so as to avoid static result in car audio received damage. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. 25 years experience in production of the old encoder manufacturers, products widely used in the car electronics field, the following links for car audio encoder for special purpose, if necessary, click the selection. Car audio encoder dianweiqi / 143 - 1. 超文本标记语言
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