Automotive use of encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Motor encoder generally have car audio encoder and automotive air conditioning encoder and navigation encoder, the encoder can be used to tune, tempering and feature selection. This paper introduce car wiring method of the encoder motor encoder how to eliminate the noise? Motor encoder using notes to help you a deeper understanding of motor encoder. Motor encoder wiring method in the load circuit, auto encoder to ensure correct connection of the three pin connection, generally in the middle of the volume control circuit, encoder signal ground, they can pin 1 is 2 pin signal output line, 3 pin number after borrow input line. But note that if the pin 1 and 3 the words at the ends of the pin connection, will cause the encoder in clockwise to adjust, the volume will be more and more small. Motor encoder how to eliminate the noise? When the encoder in regulating the rotation that you make a lot of noise, this kind of situation is not damaged don't try so hard to replace encoder, so how to eliminate the encoder the rotation noise problem? Encoder usually appear this kind of rotation noise generally the reason for this is probably exists in the interior of the encoder in dirt or stains and other debris that cause poor contact encoder and the problem that the rotational noise, concrete repair methods, first of all to some special carbon film on alcohol cleaning fluid flow inside the encoder, then keep the rotation of the handle, can make the encoder is the main contact in carbon film sliding, so as to achieve the aim of cleaning carbon film and contact. So then listen to the noise size, then turn the handle, with the noise disappeared. Use auto encoder the note 1. Commonly used on car audio encoder is give priority to in order to select the metal shaft, and the general volume encoder is used metal knob or charged coating the axis of rotation, then must pay attention to in the operation of the encoder adjustment don't bare shaft by hand to touch metal, because in the general case, the hand of the person is a certain static state, if it is in contact with the metal rotary encoder (handle Axis) , static electricity easily by rotating the handle with encoder pin to pin the discharge. So therefore the electrostatic discharge can easily lead to cause electric shock accidents. 2. About the use of motor encoder, the resistor body heat will thus leads to the rise of temperature of the encoder itself. It must be conducted by convection, conduction heat dissipation. So if motor encoder is installed appropriately enough, the high temperature caused by heat can affect the encoder and cause damage. So on should be considered for the installation of the motor encoder provide ventilation and cooling conditions, to ensure the safety of the encoder can use. 3. Have on the regulation of motor encoder operation to pay attention to the moderate adjustment, the encoder is a kind of adjustable electronics, if adjust often or operation too much, can easily lead to damage shaft encoder, caused by the use of the encoder on the volume closed tightly, and so on and so forth. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD is a manufacturer, 27 years old encoder encoder's main customers are use on the motor encoder, in the peer has passed TS16949 certification, meet the requirements of automotive electronic production of encoder and specification, looking for a manufacturer is looking for Shanghai auto encoder electronics.
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