Automotive air conditioning in the hollow encoder, a piece of my heart!

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Hollow QA39 encoder is made in Shanghai electronics research and development of a hollow rotary encoder in the application in the automobile air conditioning sound. Advantages: hollow encoder hollow parts can be attached switch mechanism, with different colors of LED lights, have many options for gear and spins Angle, ( See the following detail) , have a good handle, with the function of positioning. Resistance also have different choice B1K B5K B10K B20K B100K B500K and so on. Hollow encoder applications: mainly used for automobile air conditioner audio, home appliances function choice, different position corresponding to the different resistance value can be realized through programming function, the choice of main regulate wind speed, temperature, etc. QA39 hollow encoder parameters, for reference: appearance size: 39 mm; Rated power: 0. 125 w; The highest voltage of use: D. C 10 v notch and swing Angle: a 5-speed 180 & deg; ± 5° , 8 225 & deg; ± 5° , 29 270 & deg; ± 5° ; Rotary torque: 400 & plusmn; 120 gf。 cm; The rotation noise: 47 mv below; Linearity: & plusmn; 3%; Working temperature: - 40℃~85℃; Rotate the life: more than 30000 times; Due to the variety QA39 hollow encoder type gear, each gear has the corresponding error protected pins, to let you more details about this hollow encoder, for electronic QA39 hollow encoder to sort out the following:
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