Audio encoder is broken, how repair?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Volume on the encoder is broken is commonly internal contact is not good, the specific performance is sound. Look from the tectonic encoder points closed and open two kinds, if is the enclosed working hard to repair, directly buy the same specifications of the new substitution, it is important to note in addition to appearance, specification is the same. Linear encoder is points: A, B, C three, so must linear, otherwise affect use. Such as the original encoder is A50K, besides appearance wants, when buying a new specifications are to be of A50K. If it is open, you can use cotton stick on internal carbon piece of alcohol swab encoder and metal brush and carbon contact. Because the encoder use for a long time and open prone to poor contact and oxidation, see the effect after scrubbing. If it is old or recommend replacing. Replace the same principles to be same as the original specification. General common encoder is not expensive, produce a few yuan, it is easy to buy in the electronic market, they have soldering iron and tin wire is easy to replace. If there is no tool appliance repair shop, please buy encoder for welding is ok. 。
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