Application classification of encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Encoder based on digital information, the information of Angle, length, speed and other physical quantities in the form of 0, 1, digital coding output of the sensor, since it has high precision, large range measurement, fast response and digital output characteristic; Small volume, light weight, compact bodies, easy installation, simple maintenance, reliable operation and so on the fine characteristic, therefore, become a popular and an important part of industrial control system. 1) In the measurement way points, has a linear encoder, rotary encoder. 2) With its output signal, with incremental encoder, absolute encoder. 3) With its internal response element points, a photoelectric encoder, the magnetic grid type encoder. 4) The points in the form of mechanical mechanism, with and without bearing bearing type encoder type encoder. Encoder according to use environment condition, can be roughly divided into commercial level and chip level, economic level, standardize the industrial-grade, all kinds of special industrial use level. Commercial grade and chip level: the encoder used in printers, card inside the machine. Chip level: the price is very low, but without a shell or a brief case, only a brief treatment of power supply and signal, is suitable for the development of secondary circuit. Economic level and industrial grade: economic level has a brief encapsulation and a brief disposal, suitable for single machine equipment, such as embroidery machine, but the economic level and industrial-grade match is the feature of economy, the paint and material selection are positioning on the economical and practical, but it is not right of large equipment, assembly line and engineering projects, and industrial paints, material selection and test is made to regulate industrial demand, suitable to all kinds of industrial equipment, assembly line and engineering projects. Shanghai electronics is 26 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder, research and development production of magnetoelectric encoder is a cost-effective rotary encoder, this magnetoelectric encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and lower cost, worth it! Looking for magnetoelectric encoder manufacturer is looking for Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD.
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