Adjustable linear encoder have what features? How to correctly choose encoder linear?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Linear adjustable encoder options is A lot of new more headaches, although Internet resources about the adjustable linear encoder is not in the minority, but about linear transformer of the type A and type B selection guide is less, electronic here to introduce the features and applicable areas of each linear adjustable encoder, the hope can help you. Characteristics of type A adjustable encoder for exponential type A adjustable encoder, exponential ( Inversion of logarithmic type) Encoder,, at the beginning of the rotational resistance changes a lot. In the corner, the more resistance to the end, the smaller the resistance changes. Exponential ( Inversion of logarithmic type) Encoder, resistance according to the relation of rotation Angle according to the index, A type of adjustable encoder application field widely used in the volume control circuit such as radios, tape recorders, TV sets in the volume controller. Because of the strength of the hearing the sound, is in accordance with the relationship between index change, if the volume change with resistance tolerance index modulation, so that the human ear hears voice it feels smooth and comfortable. So this kind of encoder is suitable for the audio tone control circuit of the circuit. B type characteristics of adjustable encoder type B: adjustable encoder for linear encoder conductive material on its resistance to uniform distribution, the resistance of unit length roughly equal, the rotation Angle encoder with the change of resistance in a straight line relationship, pressure for more point; Resistance according to the uniform rotation Angle change, suitable for partial pressure, monotonous, etc. More commonly used by linear encoder is this. A common type of adjustable encoder application field. C type C adjustable characteristics of adjustable encoder encoder is logarithmic type, logarithmic type encoder, at the beginning of the rotational resistance to change is small, but in the corner, the more resistance to the end, the greater the resistance changes. Resistance changes according to the rotation Angle according to the logarithmic relationship. Application field of C type adjustable encoder multi-purpose in instrument, this type of encoder is also applicable to tone control circuit, the encoder in resistance on the uneven distribution of conductive material, started turning as resistance varies widely; Small rotation Angle increases, the resistance of the change. Rotation Angle of the change of resistance with encoder several relations in pairs, more for the volume control. Because the human ear's sense of the volume and sound power of a linear relationship with logarithm roughly, namely sound increase since childhood, is sensitive to the human ear, but to a certain value, even if the sound power have greatly increased, but feel a little change to the human ear. Visible resistance change law of logarithmic type encoder more conform to the human ear hearing characteristics, so in radio, TV and so on the volume control circuit, should choose the logarithmic type encoder. Have you seen three different characteristics of different linear adjustable encoder, each has his strong point, everyone when making design choices can be choose according to their own needs. Shanghai electronic 25 years, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder encoder models complete, the quality is good, all the year round supply of well-known brand supplies, power factory, factory production and testing equipment is advanced, safe and reliable, to find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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