Adjustable knobs type encoder work principle and application field

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Adjustable knobs type encoder way of resistance changes have linear scale type and Z type and logarithmic type, X type, also called linear and logarithmic scale type; Resistance adjusting method of adjustable encoder has a single coil, coil, linear sliding type, push-pull type, straight type and rotary etc. , which also called rotary encoder knob type encoder. Working principle of the adjustable knobs type encoder knob type adjustable encoder application is very extensive, in use process, played a partial pressure adjustable knobs type of encoder, shunt, and adjust the resistance value, so the market demand for adjustable knobs type encoder is very large. Because of the widely used, so before use to understand the use of carbon membrane encoder considerations, and common faults and processing methods of the encoder in Spain, at the same time also need to know the patch encoder encapsulation and its effect. Knob type application range adjustable encoder knob type adjustable encoder application scope, most digital products, such as: color display, DVD, amplifier, speakers, Iron shaft encoder) , high-frequency electronic tuner, wireless headphones, high frequency module, digital camera, LCD/LCM display, DVD/VCD/CD laser class. Two adjustable knobs type encoder application range, power supply products, such as: switching power supply, UPS power supply, high-frequency switching power supply, the inverse frequency power supply, charger, inverter, etc. Application three adjustable knobs type of encoder, safety protective equipment, such as: monitor, alarm, detector, etc. , can be used to precision encoders adjustable iron shell, ceramic adjustable encoder and adjustable encoder. Four adjustable knobs type encoder application range, household appliances, such as: reread machine, induction cooker, high-frequency head, radios, air conditioning, smoke lampblack machine, lighting, electric fans and other household appliances control panel, etc. Adjustable knobs type encoder application five, communication products, such as: cordless phones, walkie-talkies, cable television equipment, mixer, window intercom, optical communication products, sensors and other communications products. Six knob type adjustable encoder application range, automobile products, such as: car audio, car DVD, portable DVD, driving device, auto remote control, reversing radar and other auto parts, etc.
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