Adjustable encoder synchronous bad what reason be?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder is a kind of common electronic components, you know how to judge the adjustable encoder synchronous bad? Synchronization and adjustable encoder bad what reason be? Electronic analyzes description for everyone. How to determine the adjustable encoder synchronous bad? 1, check whether with glue on terminal; 2, disassemble the product, check deformation brush, brush is loose, whether brush trajectory deviation; 3, check whether the carbon surface is stained with foreign body, carbon surface whether there is a serious scratch; 4, check the presence of carbon plate crack, loose terminals and the terminal contact undesirable phenomenon; 5, check whether brush trajectory of inside and outside at the same Angle. Adjustable encoder synchronous bad what reason be? 1, carbon plate itself poorly designed or improper process control ( Such as the transition layer of edge design and resistance ratio control, etc. ) ; 2, brush the inside and outside contact bubble point of attachment is not in a straight line or not through the center of the brush; Or even less than 3, brush compress pressure ( Such as R121G series with height of the shell and the shaft is wrong may cause brush the amount of compression or insufficient) ; (4), terminal with glue lead to poor contact terminal and test fixture probe; 5, carbon cracked or loose terminal unilateral without output; 6, brush track at a certain point is sliding out carbon printing design; 7, foreign body adhered on the surface of the carbon plate lead to brush instantaneous disconnection and carbon plate at a particular point of contact; 8, led to its poor contact with carbon brush deformation; 9, to the R161G series products, the moving piece of improper assembly ( Such as uneven or does not reach the designated position) May lead to synchronization. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old encoder manufacturers, models complete, adjustable encoder can be arbitrary replacement brands at home and abroad encoder type carefree! Company has a strict quality control process, production batch qualified rate & ge; 99. 3%, over the years, the strict requirements for quality, let the encoder in customer word of mouth, awarded by customers for many times' excellent suppliers, become a peer leader, looking for a cost-effective, quality adjustable encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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