Adjustable encoder rated power

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
In the choice of adjustable encoder, there are many designers will consider a parameter, is the power rating of adjustable encoder, everybody clear definition of the term? What is the rated power adjustable encoder? The role of power rating in adjustable encoder? What is the rated power adjustable encoder? Rated power adjustable encoder is under prescribed conditions to maximum power dissipation. It is at the lowest environment temperature to the rated ambient temperature range, can guarantee the normal work of the encoder for maximum power. The rated power P = I 2 r = U 2 & ouml; R。 Maximum rated power that encoder for circuit design personnel can safely dissipation without damage to the power, the use of various specific encoder mode affects the maximum permissible dissipation power rating value. For most of the adjustable encoder, the maximum rated power refers to when used as a divider adjustable encoder. As a result, the adjustable encoder input and voltage, by moving contact of the load current value is not big. Encoder manufacturers generally USES reduced power consumption curve as shown in the figure below. Figure when the environment temperature in t1 and tmax allows dissipation power by the connection between A and B of two straight lines cut regulated load characteristic. And environmental temperature in temperature between the tm and t1 in maximum permissible dissipation power are rated power. Circuit design personnel should strictly abide by the rules. Encoder drop full rated output power curve of technical specifications, shall be installed conditions, surrounding environment is still air or forced convection. Is usually given encoder with standard installation method the value placed in still air. When the encoder needs to be installed near the heating elements such as power transistor, transformers, high power resistance or nearby another encoder, should reduce dissipation power is allowed. Product and performance data sheet on the regulation of power rating is suitable for the encoder is used as voltage divider. At this point, the dissipation power can be regarded as uniform distribution along the entire resistance element. When the encoder for rheostat or two terminal connection application, corresponding to the adjustment of the moving contact point at a given location, is only part of the resistance element is consumed power, current through the resistance element and all through the moving contact circuit, and the moving contact and resistance element is not always able to withstand the pressure between the contact as resistance element separately under large current. Voltage divider type connection power rating is assumed moving contact current can be ignored, so for resistor type connection, must limit the maximum allowable values of the moving contact current Im = Pö R T。 Type P for maximum dissipation power; R T for the total resistance. Using the maximum current limit, can guarantee the maximum power of encoder will not be more than. Rated power range of all kinds of encoder typical value encoder type synthesis of carbon film glass glaze conductive plastic wire around the rated power 70 ℃ / W0. 01 - - 0. 50. 1250. 50. 5 - - 20. 25 - - 5 Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of adjustable encoder for 27 years, encoder models complete, with many years of product focus on professional, encoder for the customer the consistent high praise. Electronics factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, quality control strictly, strength, for the adjustable encoder manufacturers preferred electronic!
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