Adjustable encoder model selection considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder type, there are so many on the market, how to select the correct type adjustable encoder? Electronic summarizes the following three selection principle. 1. Adjustable encoder structure and size of the matters needing attention. When choosing the adjustable encoder should pay attention to the size and the length of the axis of rotation handle, whether need to lock device on shaft end shaft and designs matching circuit assembly requirement. 2. The selection of the rated power adjustable encoder. The rated power of the adjustable encoder available fixed resistor power formula, but the type of resistance should take the smallest resistance value of encoder, current value should take resistance value for the most hours through the current value of the encoder. 3. Adjustable resistance change characteristics of encoder options. Should choose according to use. In addition, still need to choose a shaft rotating flexible, adjustable encoder elastic properly, no mechanical noise. For encoder switch, we need to check whether the switch is good. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of adjustable encoder for 27 years, models complete, adjustable encoder can recommend for you selection, contact the customer the company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, production order quality delivery carefree! Looking for adjustable encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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