Adjustable encoder in use should pay attention to?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Adjustable encoder has been widely used, the adjustable encoder used to pay attention to? Note 1: the adjustable encoder is used, should be make encoder work at rated power range. Due to improper design, using the power dissipation exceeds rating, internal overheating and damage will cause the encoder. Pay attention to the influence of environment temperature on the encoder, especially under the condition of high temperature, load should be stipulated according to the product standards drop power curve design. Adjustable encoder to note 2: use in use, when the allow direct current flow through the encoder of the moving contact, anodic oxidation problems may occur. In this case, it is best to negative connected components, with is connected moving contact. Adjustable encoder to note 3: use when using encoder, should control the moving contact current less than the moving contact limit current. In addition to ensure correct circuit design, also can increase the load current. In the detection of the encoder, such as measuring terminal resistance or detection, the output of the encoder do not use the ordinary three tables. Because three used in the table will power form 300 ~ 400 ma of current through the moving contact. The current is likely to be burning resistance element. Detection of encoder must use digital ohmmeter. Adjustable encoder to note 4: use in the design of circuit, the preset encoder, should try to make the moving contact located right in the middle of total electrical travel use. Should absolutely avoid near two terminal position is used. Before and after the best to avoid terminal 30 & deg; Angle to carry on the design. In circuit design, often need to design a series resistance, change the resistance tolerance of the moving contact work can change the encoder position. Of course should be on the premise of the rational selection of the total value encoder. Adjustable encoder using note 5: when a circuit is designed, should be designed as a coder to adjust to some location do not make a circuit CLP big lines, so as to avoid burning encoder or other components. Have higher index, to guarantee the design requirements, it is unscientific. If some designers to not only dynamic noise according to the panel encoder preset encoder to ask, even for resistive film layer and silver electrode it kick is also seen as not allowed, this makes the design with the actual needs from, not only the lack of scientific nature, also the lack of economy.
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