Adjustable encoder encapsulation parameters

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
About adjustable encoder packaging type and the parameters of the specific characteristics, some friends is not very clear, electronic today to discuss with you about this problem. Actually encoder encapsulation type, we can from the resolution of the encoder, conform to the degree of encoder, to analyze the mechanical life of the encoder parameters. Adjustable encoder packaging according to the production process of forming encapsulation and potting machine has two, generally in accordance with the common type of use, the encoder types have DIP encoder packaging, encoder encapsulation, SMT SMD encoder encapsulation. Encapsulation type, so no matter what kind of encoder encoder parameter feature has the following aspects: first, adjustable encoder resolution: general resolution is determined by the theoretical precision of encoder packaging, for line around the encoder and linear encoder resolution is made on the moving contact in the winding resistance variation caused by every turn mobile and the percentage of the total resistance. So for function characteristics of the encoder, because every turn of the winding resistance is different, so is a variable resolution. So at this time, the adjustable encoder resolution generally refers to the function characteristic of curve slope on the largest average resolution. Second, adjustable encoder fit: conformity and compliance, adjustable mainly refers to the actual output of the encoder function characteristic and function required by the theory characteristic in between. It USES the maximum deviation between theoretical features and practical characteristics expressed by the percentage of foreign aggregation voltage, thus can represent adjustable precision of the encoder. Three, mechanical life of adjustable encoder: adjustable encoder packaging after mechanical life also called wear life, common mechanical durability said. Mechanical durability generally refers to the encoder in the regulation of test conditions, the total number of moving contact and reliable motion, usually in weeks. Mechanical life and the structure of the encoder, type, material and production process, so the general difference is bigger. Common types of adjustable encoder packaging is more than these, whether it is adjustable encoder resolution, conformity degree, mechanical life, we all should begin from the several aspects to consider, master the encoder packaging parameters, can skilled operation at work. Shanghai electronics manufacturers, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder 70000 encoder products, variety complete, 25 years of professional experience in production, quality, reliable and trustworthy, looking for finding electronic encoder supplier.
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