Adjustable encoder dynamic noise bad what reason be?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder sometimes bad situation, dynamic noise is how to determine single and joint adjustable encoder bad noise? Here to you separately about the method, and has carried on the single and joint adjustable encoder noise bad cause analysis. How to judge whether a double adjustable encoder dynamic noise, bad? 1, check the presence of lap short circuit between terminals; 2, use multimeter to measure resistance between 1 ~ 3 end, measurement of rotating brush back and forth at the same time, if the resistance change with the rotation of the brush, is caused by internal short circuit; 3, disassemble the product, check the carbon surface printing conditions, and presence of oil pollution, and check whether there is any slip on brush trajectory design of printing, check whether there is any deformation on brush and is cut off; 4, check the presence of carbon plate cracking and loose terminal. How to judge whether a single union adjustable encoder dynamic noise bad? Disassemble the product, check that the carbon surface condition and whether there is oil pollution, check whether brush trajectory deviation, carbon plate is scratched, check for the carbon plate cracking and loose terminal. Adjustable encoder dynamic noise bad what reason be? Dynamic noise double adjustable encoder bad cause analysis: (1) contacts, wire overlap between the short circuit; (2) carbon membrane interlayer wiredrawing overlapping each other short circuit; (3) the trajectory deviation brush brush to another league film cause short circuit; (4) brush not cut off. Single, double adjustable encoder dynamic noise bad cause analysis: (1) carbon plate membrane layer surface condition ( As the larger particles, scratches, pinhole, etc. ) ; (2) carbon plate itself poorly designed or use improper material; (3) carbon plate printing surface from oil contaminants; (4) brush deformation; (5) carbon membrane layer is brush scratch ( Reason: poor abrasion resistance carbon plate itself or brush contact bubble point shape is wrong) 。 Shanghai electronic products company 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, for many years to the strict requirement of the quality, let the encoder in customer word of mouth, awarded by customers for many times' excellent suppliers, become a peer leader, became some of the world famous enterprises designated products, customers throughout the world. Looking for adjustable encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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