About cleaning and adjust the volume encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
About the volume of the encoder cleaning and believe that everyone would like to know the adjustment problems, there are three terminal for adjustable encoder is resistance, according to some kind of change law regulating resistance element. Adjustable encoder usually consists of resistance and removable brush. As it moves, a brush along the resistance on the output side won the relations with the displacement with a certain resistance or voltage. Adjustable encoder can be used for three-terminal device also can be used for two-terminal element. The latter can be regarded as a variable resistor. Poor contact between membrane, need to put the impurity cleaning out between them. 1, tools: syringe and high levels of alcohol. Actually cylinder it is best to use 2, operation of 5 ml specification: very simple, use a needle tube alcohol extraction, from the encoder pin direction injection, and rotary encoder many times repeatedly, finally use hair dryer, rotary encoder, and blow dry. Note there are two encoder, a volume is tube, another is the tube pitch. On moab, actually have completed shortly after speakers just bought back. Based on the principle of overall balance, just a simple change. Other more advanced bone reconstruction, such as for more advanced op-amp, replace E type transformer with more powerful ring transformer, give op-amp servo regulated power supply, etc. , until all the speakers and change, in this case, it is better to buy a pair of more expensive senior speakers. 1, increased to power filtering the high frequency decoupling capacitors, in order to improve the high effect. This is actually the power filter capacitor ( 25 v, 2200亩; F) Two feet in parallel on a 0. 1μ F the small capacity of capacitance. 2, the original operational amplifier ( Preamplifier) 4558 with sound quality better NE5532. Interested in sound friends should know, think that year, was the 5532 crown 'of the op-amp emperor' reputation. 3, increase the cooling area, it benefits the earth person all know. 4, appropriately increase the power filter capacitor capacity, the original filter capacitor capacity is 2200 & mu; F, can be replaced by 3300 & mu; F or 4700 & mu; F, can to a certain extent, improve and enhance the bass effect. 5, the high frequency capacitance from electrolytic capacitor for with the capacity of polyester or sound special capacitance, on the improvement of the high sound quality is also good. And a pair of coupling capacitors on the audio path, also they can be upgraded, the effect is obvious. Believe that if read adjustable encoder cleaning and adjustment of the narrative should can move to make themselves clean and adjust the audio encoder. If it is useful to share and forward to friends oh! This article from the
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