50 k encoder and difference of 100 k encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
When we use the encoder often see the same shape and size of the encoder on the different identification Numbers, A10K, B50K, B100K, some friends don't understand, what is the difference between 50 k encoder and 100 k encoder? Actually 50 k encoder, on behalf of its resistance is euro 50000, and 100 k encoder on behalf of its resistance is 100000 euro, different circuits is different to the requirement of resistance value of the encoder. This requires you to calculate, how much value of the encoder fit your circuit design standard. If the encoder is used for partial pressure of the power supply, both can, but at least big resistance to save electricity. If the encoder is used to connect signal source, the signal source resistance is larger, should with big resistance of encoder, to reduce the internal resistance of the energy consumption. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old encoder manufacturers, according to the value of customer needs, linear and size to customize the encoder, the encoder model complete, can completely replace the brand at home and abroad encoder, big goods quality carefree! Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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