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2017 electronic supplier 8 d training course ~

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
On July 1, 2017, the core of electronic technical team and quality control personnel, organization held - suppliers Supplier quality problem analysis - 2017 8 d training. Electronic supplier also is enthusiastic, positive response to the training course. The training will help us: 1. Learn to 8 d problem analysis and solving method, grasp its core; 2. Identification process, to learn international business thinking language, strengthen the core thinking mode and the management skills. 3. To assist individuals, teams, enterprise effectively the quality of the decisions, systematically solve the problem. 4. Using the multi-function project team, increase to improve the consistency of the ability and the problem solving process, promote the cross functional team work; 5. Correctly grasp the situation, effective analysis and pick out the problem quickly, and can grasp the cause of meaning, seize the right questions. Electronic HongFuZong address for the training meeting, and introduced to suppliers to SGS professional lecturer yellow teacher training. SGS miss huang is a lesson for everyone lively and rich knowledge, professional explanation and analysis, the vivid examples, training materials illustrated, layer upon layer, interactive mode changing, break the traditional mode of training pattern, from violent equinoctial discussion to closely distinct about logic, transform was travelling but tasteless technical training for visual more intellectual feast for the senses, the scene atmosphere all climax. To participate in training students are recorded carefully, willing to learn to the company adopted the analysis, the method to solve the problem of quality improvement of practical work, find problems accurate dry! Quality is the first competitive power, is the cornerstone of credibility, is enterprise's life! A high quality product without good raw materials and fine workmanship, all people need to participate in product solidarity and collaboration, unite as one, strictly the quality pass, strive for full marks! Let us work together to move forward!
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