10 what is the structure of the encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
A small adjustable encoder, internal structure is how to? Electronic interpretation of 10 kinds of adjustable encoder for everyone today's structure and the advantages and disadvantages. : 1, the synthesis of carbon film encoder is one of the most used encoder. Resistance is to use carbon black, graphite, quartz powder, organic binder, such as preparation of mixture, besmear is on rubber wood or glass fiber board. Advantages: high resolution, wide range of resistance; Disadvantages: sliding noise big, heat-resistant wet resistance is not good. Varieties: is there a common synthetic carbon film encoder, synthetic carbon film encoder switch, small, single to be switch ( There is no switch) The encoder, double coaxial switch ( With switch) Encoder, double off-axis no switch ( With switch) Encoder, small precision synthesis of carbon film encoder, push pull off synthetic carbon film encoder, straight sliding type synthetic carbon film encoder, precision circle more synthetic carbon film encoder, etc. 2, the line around the encoder: its resistance body consists of resistance wire around the coated with insulation materials made of metal or nonmetal board. Advantages: large power, low noise, high precision, good stability; Disadvantages: less high frequency feature. Varieties: is there a common thread around the encoder, ordinary coil wire wound encoder, precision circle line around the encoder, straight sliding type precision circle line around the encoder, more functional circle line around the encoder of precision and so on. 3, metal film encoder: the resistor body is made of metal, metal oxide film, metal alloy membrane composite film, tantalum oxide film on ceramic substrate through vacuum technology deposition. Advantages: high resolution, sliding noise is relatively small; synthetic carbon film encoder Weakness: the value range of small, wear resistance is bad. : 4, solid encoder is to use carbon black, graphite, quartz powder, organic adhesive preparation of material such as mixed after heating, pressure on the plastic substrate, then through heating polymerization. Advantages: high resolution, wide range of good abrasion resistance, resistance, high reliability, small volume; Disadvantages: large noise, high temperature resistance is poor. Varieties: can be divided into small solid encoder, linear solid encoder, logarithmic type solid encoder. More than 5, lap encoder and turn the encoder: lap encoder: its arm can only be in the range of less than 3600 rotation, general used for volume control; Circle of encoder, its axis of each round, arm on contact resistance change is very small, only the arm position from one extreme to another extreme position, rotation need to turn the circle. Commonly used in precision adjustment circuit. 6, the single league encoder and duplex coder: the league encoder: a group controlled by an independent rotating shaft encoder; Duplex coder: usually the two specifications of the same encoder installed on the same axis, regulating shaft, two sliding contact synchronous rotation encoder. Some double encoder for asynchronous off-axis. 7, encoder switch: switch devices are attached on the encoder. Coaxial switch and encoder, switch and control mode is divided into rotary and push-pull type two kinds. USES: used in black and white television for more volume control and power switch. Small rotary switch, the encoder is mainly used for transistor radio or other small electronic products for the volume control ( Or current and voltage regulation) And the power switch. Categories: a single-pole single-throw switch digits and single pole double throw and double single throw. 8, straight sliding type encoder: its resistance body is rectangular bar, it was linked to slide through the sliding handle for linear motion to change the resistance value. USES: used in TV, acoustics commonly for volume control or balance control. 9, patch type encoder: also called flake encoder, is a kind of mini linear encoders without manual rotation axis, regulating the need to use tools such as screw whorls. Categories: divided into 1. Lap encoder; 2. Many encoder precision encoder, the vertical and horizontal two structures. 10, stepping encoder: by the stepper motor, the rotor resistance body, moving contact, etc. Moving contact can be manually adjusted by a shaft, and may also be driven by the stepper motor. Purpose: many audio frequency power amplifier for the volume control. In a word, each adjustable encoder has their advantages and disadvantages, the key see used in what respect, to find the right adjustable encoder configuration is the best.
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