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S52 Heavy Duty Solid Shaft rotary encoder ABZUVW phase 2048ppr 4 poles IP66

Product introduction:

-Heavy Duty Solid Shaft rotary encoder

-Shaft:Φ8mm (D type)

-Pulse per round : 1000ppr to 23040ppr

-Supply Voltage:DC5V;DC8V-30V

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S52 Heavy Duty Solid Shaft rotary encoder ABZUVW phase 2048ppr 4 poles IP66

Simple introduction for S52 rotary encoder

Encoder type: Incremental encoder

External diameter: 51mm


Installation dimension: diameter 40mm

Solid Shaft diameter: 8mm(D shape)

Output phase: Phase A+,B+,Z+,A-,B-,Z-,U+,V+,W+,U-,V-,W-

Supply voltage: DC5V ; DC8-30V

Consumption current: 100mA MAX

Top response frequency: 300KHZ

S52 series encoder Characteristics

Items Basic parameters
External dimensions External diameter: 52mm
Thickness: 29mm
Shaft diameter: 8mm
Resolution 1000;1024;1200;1250;1440;2000;2048;2500;2880;3000;3600;
Output phase Phase A,B,Z,U,V,W
Supply voltage DC5V & DC8-30V
Outlettype Cable out from back
Socket out from back
Cable out from back with socket
Output mode Open Collector circuit output
Voltage output
Push-pull output
Difference output Long line drive (26LS31)
compatible RS422
Long line drive (RT7272)
Environmental temperature Operating temperature: -20~+85° (Non icing)
Storage temperature: -25~+90° (Non icing)
Environmental humanity Operating and storage: 35~85%RH (non-condensing)
Protection grade IP50 & IP66
Cable length 1M (cable length could be added appropriately by
require, but it need payment individually)
Shell Aluminium
package Carton box
Net weight About 300g (with package)
Certification CE

More details

Signal Circuit of encoder

1. The NPN Open Collector -- The NPN Open Collector(NPN) is an interface based on an output circuit with an NPN transistor.

An open collector is the unconnected collector connection of an NPN transistor, whose emitter is connected to earth and whose collector is connected to the output.

2. PNP output

The PNP output is an interface based on an output circuit with a PNP transistor.

3. Push-Pull output(HTL)

High Voltage Transistor Logic functions with a voltage supply in the range 10 and 30 V DC, with 24 V DC being the most usual.

“Low” is defined as an output of between 0 V and 3 V and “high” as between VCC and VCC - 3.5 V.

4. TTL RS-422 output

In a transistor-transistor logic (TTL), both the logical status and the amplification are done by transistors, hence the name.

The TTL output is supplied with either a fixed 5 V voltage or a variable voltage of between 10 and 32 V. For this the low range is defined as the ≤ 0.4 V and the high range as ≥ 2.4 V.

Production video

There are plenty of encoder video if you still have any doubts on encoder, please email us directly or contact online service right now.

At the same time, you could also visit our YOUTUBY page easily.

Most of the encoder series have videos for reference.


· Petrochemical industry

· Pharmaceutical industry

· Food industry

· Aviation and aerospace industry

· Stepper motor

· Servo motion controller

· Gearbox

· DC garage door motor

· DC servo motor

· Stock driver

· PMDC geared motor

· Brushless dc motor

Matters needing attention

1. Must choose the power supply voltage: DC5V or DC8-30V

2. Must choose leaf spring plate model number if you select hollow shaft encoder

3. Please advise the motor speed (RPM) that you actually use

4. If you have any other requirements, please provide detail parameters

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