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S18-J mini sensor encoder Solid Shaft encoder Outer diameter 18mm solid shaft 2.5mm miniature rotary encoder

Product introduction:

-Incremental Type ( solid shaft )

-External Dimension : small volume , external diameter Φ18mm , thickness 18mm

-Diameter of shaft:Φ2.5mm ( D type )

-Resolution max to 1600ppr

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Outer diameter 18mm solid shaft 2.5mm miniature rotary encoder ABZ phase 360 resolution

Matters needing attention

1. Must choose the power supply voltage: DC5V or DC8-30V

2. Must choose leaf spring plate model number if you select hollow shaft encoder

3. Please advise the motor speed (RPM) that you actually use

4. If you have any other requirements, please provide detail parameters

Our Selling points

o Quick response once received customer’s quotation query

o Professional engineer team, to solve your problems at any time

o Strictly inspection before shipment

o Various encoder models to be selected

o Short lead time

o High quality standard

S18 incremental encoder Parameter table

External dimensions External diameter: 18mm
Thickness: 18mm
Solid Shaft Diameter: ⌀2.5mm
Resolution 36;50;60;100;200;250;256;360;400;500;1000;800;1600
Output phase Phase A,B,Z
Supply voltage DC5V & DC8-30V
Outlettype Cable out from side
Cable out from back
Output mode Collector open circuit output(NPN &PNP)
Environmental temperature Operating temperature: -10~+70° (Non icing)
Storage temperature: -15~+75° (Non icing)
Environmental humanity Operating and storage: 35~85%RH (non-condensing)
Top Resonse Frequency 80kHz Max
Top Rev 3000rpm
Protection grade IP40
Cable length 150mm
Shell Aluminium
Package Carton box
Net weight About 20g (with package)
Certification CE

More details

Encoder Catalogue

If you have already selected the encoder model you are going to order, please email us directly or contact online service right now to get the latest catalogue.

But if you are still have any doubts on choosing a right encoder model number, you are also free to contact us to get the related catalogue.

Production date

3-5 working days for sample after full paid

7-15 days for mass production after full paid

Encoder Operation Method

oday most incremental encoders have a Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) output driver, these have replaced most of the older output circuits like Open Collector NPN, Open Collector PNP, Voltage Output.

Push-Pull (HTL) circuits, also known as Totem Pole, provide a signal level which corresponds to the applied supply voltage. The supply voltage typically ranges from 8 to 30 VDC.

With proper connections you can use the Push Pull interface to replace true open collector circuits by using an external diode connected in a way to limit the direction of the current for RS422 (TTL) circuits provide a constant 5 V signal level that is not dependent on the supply voltage. Two supply voltage ranges can be selected: From 4.75 to 5.5 VDC (can be used to replace open collector output drivers) or from 8 to 30 VDC. Using differential signals the output fully complies to the RS422 standard.

The differential outputs have the highest frequency response capability and the best noise immunity. To ensure this the receiver should also be a differential.

Replacement of Older Output Drivers

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